Smiling lady greeting Care Assistant at the front door

"I wish to thank you all for your care and kindness these last few years. You have been fantastic and nothing has been too much trouble for you."

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Welcome to Cheshire Homecare Services Ltd.

Cheshire Homecare Services Ltd. provides domiciliary care for older and vulnerable adults within their own homes in and around Chester and West Cheshire. Our main objective is to support people to remain as independent as possible, enabling them to stay in the comfort and safety of their own homes, surrounded by the things they know and love.

The support we offer is tailored to each individual Service User. Sometimes it may just be a 'safe and well' check and a cup of tea, other times it could be around the clock support with our team of dedicated Care Assistants helping to bathe, dress, cook, clean, etc.

The homecare options are endless and all care packages are tailored to suit the individual needs of our clients.

"We are all different and I know from experience that our Service Users' wants and needs vary from person to person and where possible these needs should be meet..."

Debbie Leigh
Managing Director

Our services are unique to each of our individual clients!

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